FTB Tucci 15U

Coach Information

Head Coach: Mike Sindone

Email: FTBSindone@gmail.com

Assistant Coach: Ryan Young

Summer 2020 Schedule:

  • June 10-15 PG Tucci Auburndale, FL
  • June 26-July 3 PG WWBA Marietta, GA
  • July 10-July 15 PG BCS Ft. Myers, FL
  • July 22 Jackie Robinson Stadium Daytona Beach, FL (DH)
  • July 25-July 29 PG World Series Sanford, FL

Hotel Information:

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Palm Beach Classic

PG East Champ Alabama

PG WWBA Georgia  please email us at perfectgame@connectionshousing.com and we will provide you with the general booking link.

PG World Series