September 1st FTB Practice Schedule

Saturday Practice Schedule: 1000 Bill Beck Blvd. Kissimmee, FL 34744

Team Field/Activity Time
Cleveland 2022 Field 3/Defense 9:00am
Rodriguez/Orlando 2021 Cages/Offense 9:00am
Cleveland 2022 Cages/Offense 10:00am
Rodriguez/Orlando 2021 Field 3/Defense 10:00am
55/Berryhill Field 2/Defense 10:00am
Black/Orlando 2020 Cages/Offense 10:00am
55/Berryhill Cages/Offense 11:00am
Black/Orlando 2020 Field 2/Defense 11:00am


*Bullpens and Field 1 are also available for those coaches that need to work with their individual teams on specific drills. With that said please try to stay on scheduled times.