Please arrive 30 minutes prior to workout time and game schedule.


 SATURDAY (Boombah Sports Complex B)

7:30-8:30am check in

8:30-8:45am Instructions Field B4

8:45-9:00am College Instruction Field B4

9:00-9:30am Intro to Parents Field B3 Stands

9:00-9:30am Group Stretch Field B4


Pro Style Workout (arrive 30 mins prior)

Field B2 Time Field B3
Teams 1+2 10:00am Teams 3+4
Team 7+8 11:00am Teams 5+6
Team 9+10 12:00pm Teams 11+12
Open 1:00pm Teams 13+14

 60 Yard Dash

Field B4 Time
Team 13+14 10:00am
Team 1,2,3,4 11:00am
Team 5,6,7,8 12:00pm
Team 9,10,11,12 1:00pm

Field B4 is also open as needed for warming up 45 mins prior to scheduled workout. If warming up, Please remain on opposite side of the 60 yard dash area. 

SUNDAY(Boombah Sports Complex B)

9 inning Game (Arrive 45 mins prior)

Field B1 9:00am  Team 1  (3rd base dugout) vs Team 2 (1st base dugout)

Field B2 9:00am Team 3 (3rd base dugout) vs Team 4 (1st base dugout)

Field B3 9:00am Team 7 (3rd base dugout) vs Team 8 (1st base dugout)

Field B4 9:00am Team 13 (3rd base dugout) vs Team 14 (1st base dugout)

Field B1 12:00pm Team 11 (3rd base dugout) vs Team 12  (1st base dugout)

Field B2 12:00pm Team 5 (3rd base dugout) vs Team 6 (1st base dugout)

Field B3 12:00pm Team 9 (3rd base dugout) vs Team 10 (1st base dugout)